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I Had a 5 Star Experience I’d Like to Provide Helpful Feedback

    5 star review  Avanta Dental is such a welcoming place of business! All the employees I've met from Avanta are so kind and genuine. Although I have never received care from Avanta, when I do, I will be putting a request to see Lizbeth. She is a hardworking, yet gentle employee who can handle any of your oral care needs! Highly recommend seeing Lizbeth!!

    thumb Ryley Repenn

    5 star review  Dr. Tin has been with my husband from the beginning and we would never want to change that. He understands our sense of humor and how we love to laugh and lighten the mood but also gives advice and feedback in a way that is serious but caring. He’s one of the fastest most determined dentists we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. All of the staff and hygienists are so fun and welcoming. Easy to talk to and honest about pricing and other ways they can assist us with pricing or payments

    thumb April Purcell

    5 star review  Avanta Dental is well known around the Valley for good reasons. Beautiful office that doesn’t give you that creepy dental office feel and look. Thanks Liz for letting me about the services you provide and for showing me all the cool details about the office.

    thumb Joe Grey

    5 star review  I’ve been going to Avanta dental for a couple years for cleanings and more extensive dental work. I’m always pleased with their professionalism and customer service. At my most recent visit I was anxious and Marisol and Dr Tin were so patient and kind as usual. They talked me through it but put no pressure on me. Marisol provided me with a blanket to help me relax, went to get me water, and offered a granola bar. It was an added benefit to have my crown made right in the office instead of waiting. Fantastic service! Thank you!

    thumb Stephanie Melton

    5 star review  My dental assistant was very helpful and friendly. Everyone is very helpful and friendly answering my questions and being patient with me. Thank you.

    thumb Briana Key

    5 star review  Staff is great, an the building is amazing. An they have a comfort menu.

    thumb Chris Ridley