Dentist in Yakima and Ellensburg


    5 star review  Avanta Dental is well known around the Valley for good reasons. Beautiful office that doesn’t give you that creepy dental office feel and look. Thanks Liz for letting me about the services you provide and for showing me all the cool details about the office.

    thumb Joe Grey

    5 star review  Love going to this beautiful building, hard to pass when driving by! the people here are so welcoming and friendly. they truly make you feel like family. Alyx always makes sure I leave happy!! The staff are super friendly and helpful as well, 100% recommend.

    thumb Lorena Robles

    5 star review  Working here has been a pleasure. The team is always willing to work with each other and help each other in any situation. The doctors, hygienists and assistants are always very informative and sensitive to situations. The admin team is always very helpful when it comes to understanding prices and finances.

    thumb Karolina Flores

    5 star review  My daughter Lizbeth has performed multiple therapies on me during her career as a hygienist. Her kind and passionate skills are easily noticed. She goes above and beyond to educate her patients on oral health and what they need to do to improve their health. I definitely recommend you come to this amazing office and request to be seen by Lizbeth for your hygiene therapies.

    thumb Adalberto Godina

    5 star review  This year I tried something new for Halloween and visited Avanta Dental because I was seeing it everywhere and it was something really nice. One of my close family friend works there, Noemy and she was handing out candy and even took a picture of me at the entrance. She was very welcoming.

    thumb mina davis

    5 star review  Avanta Dental is a very welcoming Office. Lizbeth is one of there hygienist and is very passionate about continuing her education in her profession. I highly recommend you request Lizbeth for your hygiene therapies.

    thumb Jose Mesa Jr